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This online form is for anyone to make a complaint about a registered health professional or student in NSW. 

Please read this important advice before you begin so you know what information we need in order to properly consider your complaint.

Note: This online complaint form must be completed and submitted at one time. Once you have filled in and submitted your online complaint, a copy will automatically be sent to your email address. If you prefer, you can download and save this PDF version of the complaint form and email to us once you have completed it.

Please call us on 1300 197 177 if you have questions about making a complaint or about completing this form.

As we respond to COVID-19, the HPCA is implementing measures that enable us to continue our day-to-day business in a manner that is safe and protective of the public, HPCA staff and our stakeholders, including Council members, hearing members and practitioners. This ensures we are able to continue our important regulatory role in protecting the public.

  • Your communication remains important to us.
  • Although we are not presently able to process postal mail we ask that you communicate with us by email or by phone.
  • At this time complaint forms can only be lodged online.
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